Flash: ON   November 20, 2019 
What is Discipled By Jesus?
Discipled by Jesus is a practical method of looking at Scripture and answering 5 questions when looking at Scripture and examining one's life.  These questions help an individual see Jesus for who He is, and how to line up one's life and thinking with Jesus life and thinking.  

The 5 Questions are based on Scripture and Questions that Jesus asked His disciples.

1.  Who do You say that I Am?

2 Do You know/understand what I have done? (am doing)

3. Are you really listening to me?
          -Jesus speaks thru His Word
          -Jesus speaks thru His Spirit
          -Jesus speaks thru other Disciples

4.  Do you TRULY love me?
          Feed my sheep
              Feed yourself-you are my sheep
              Feed your family
              Feed your church body
              Feed the lost sheep

5.  Do you believe me?

For an in-depth look at this discipleship method, check out Hal Perkins book,
"Discipled by Jesus"
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