Flash: ON   November 20, 2019 
Building a Life On Lasting Values
"Building My Life on Lasting Values" 

There are always choices in life.  The choices we make today, and tomorrow, and the next day will build values into our lives that make all the difference in the direction our life will take.  God's Word has much to say on what values to build upon to maintain a strong, victorious Christian life. Check out the Sermon Notes and Sermon recordings on this timely sermon series to be challenged and encouraged to build a sure foundation of Godliness into your character and life-choices.

Sermon Titles:

"Choosing My Standard"
Accepting Responsibility"
"Developing Trust"
Developing Self-Contol"
"The Balanced Life"
"Showing Respect"
"Offering Forgiveness"
"Showing Fairness"
"The Truth About Honesty"
"Valuing Love"
"Maintaining Moral Purity"

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